To stick Europe in an anti-Europe, Zionist-designed time-warp: George Friedman, John Mauldin | Stratfor

What is progress, standing still? Do we have to be stuck in a time-warp?

Here we have George Friedman, of Stratfor, with John Mauldin as his guest. George Friedman is a Zionist. He does not want Europe to be unified. He is against a united Europe. Why? Well, he makes clear in his talk that he is for whom, Israel (without saying it  openly), just as he says that the Germans are first for Germany, etc.? Yes, Friedman is in the US, but is he an Israel-firster? He could be, couldn't he?

If the video embed is blocked, click here (opens in a new tab): A Conversation on Europe's Political Economy with George Friedman and John Mauldin | Stratfor.

Look, this is the same George Friedman I wrote about here: GEORGE FRIEDMAN, STRATFOR, CUNNING, RUTHLESS, MACHIAVELLIAN ADVICE FOR BARACK OBAMA: SINFUL. Read the comments there too.

This subject matter is critical to the Monetary Reform Movement. See my recent comment to and reply from Bill Still, a monetary reformer who thinks Europe cannot unite even around a debt-free currency, which debt-free currencies Bill supports but apparently only on the nation-state level a la George Friedman.


Look, Europeans can overcome. Don't let George Friedman or anyone else, even Bill Still (who is right about plenty, just not this), dupe you into falsely believing that peoples of different ethnic backgrounds as whole nations can't get along famously. The problem isn't and never has been ethnicity, per se. It has always been with whether or not the whole peoples are fully informed rather than being manipulated by those who are self-serving where the self is not the whole and for whatever reason.

The problem is with greed, which is simply selfishness magnified. The solution is to put the good of the whole first, which means putting the good of each first too. You can't do one without the other.

The euro equivalent of debt-free United States Notes is exactly the right move for Europe at this point. It is the exact right next step on the path to an eventual moneyless society, which is as it is in Heaven.

Smaller regions can easily become moneyless right now if only the greedy will stop coercing others via violence to prevent them from employing the vastly superior giving-and-sharing political economy, which economy is also as it is in Heaven.

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