| Carrie Underwood and the 'gay friendly' Christians | La Shawn Barber

Does Underwood believe that sharing the Gospel and telling the unrepentant what God requires of them is hateful? Never mind Paul's unequivocal teachings on homosexuality. If we quote him, if we quote Christ himself, if we call out sin, we're hateful. Or is just the sin of homosexuality that's off limits? Would Underwood and other "gay friendly" Christians refrain from condemning the habitual liar or the brazen adulterer? "Our church is adulterer friendly!"

via | Carrie Underwood and the 'gay friendly' Christians | La Shawn Barber.

Repentant-adulterer forgiving, but repent! Don't say there's nothing wrong with adultery even if you've done it. Just repent!

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