Angela Merkel positively has not been showing the savvy of a Bismarck: "Debt crisis: tensions mount as Angela Merkel attacks French economy - Telegraph"

Look, the huge, huge mistake that's being made here is that ceding power to Brussels must mean that Brussels has to be more neoliberal rather than socially democratic.

Angela Merkel positively has not been showing the savvy of a Bismarck: "Debt crisis: tensions mount as Angela Merkel attacks French economy - Telegraph"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel desperately needs to channel Otto von Bismarck on the mixed economy: the welfare state and how it can be made to work vastly better than the Anglo-Saxon, laissez-faire capitalist model! She could do even better than Otto von Bismarck, but perhaps I'd be holding my breath until I die in the flesh before she would understand how and be able to convince others.

As tensions within the eurozone deepened on Friday, the German chancellor dismissed 'quick fixes' and refused to consider any discussion on pooling debt for eurobonds or Germany underwriting bank deposits in other eurozone countries. (Debt crisis: tensions mount as Angela Merkel attacks French economy - Telegraph.)


Germany had a tradition of welfare programs in Prussia and Saxony that began as early as the 1840s. In the 1880s his social insurance programs were the first in the world and became the model for other countries and the basis of the modern welfare state.[32] Bismarck introduced old age pensions, accident insurance, medical care and unemployment insurance. He won conservative support by promising to undercut the appeal of Socialists—the Socialists always voted against his proposals, fearing they would reduce the grievances of the industrial workers. His paternalistic programs won the support of German industry because its goals were to win the support of the working classes for the Empire and reduce the outflow of emigrants to America, where wages were higher but welfare did not exist. Politically, he did win over the Centre Party which represented Catholic workers, but Socialists remained hostile. {source: Wikipedia contributors, "Otto von Bismarck," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed June 17, 2012).}

Angela Merkel positively has not been showing the savvy of a Bismarck. She doesn't seem to be able to fathom that she is in the position of determining the "compromise" where Germany would still get exactly what it wants vis-a-vis productivity in all other EU countries. She simply needs to understand that Germany can "export" (by demand) Germany's productivity ethic and industrialism and without losing a single German job or German prosperity from German hard work, quite the contrary. If she were to do the right things right now, she could guarantee vastly improved living standards across the whole of Europe, obviously including Germany!

I'm pretty sure even Adolf Hitler would have been able to see it.

If Angela Merkel holds out with the Austrian School economists, she will have lost the biggest opportunity handed to her in her life. She will fail. If on the other hand, she comes to her senses and realizes that she has no choice but to compromise and lead, as Bismarck definitely would do were he in her shoes right now, she will succeed beyond her wildest imagination.

The way through is via the European equivalent of United States Notes, not eurobonds! They don't need bonds. They don't need more or any national or European debts. They can wipe out all such debts and be free of debt slavery to the bankers forever! Do it. Show that you have the brains.

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