Twitter Digest: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

  1. Look, during psychological treatments, patients/clients very often experience i (@YouTube

  2. Here's the deal. It should be illegal for anyone to block DNA testing of evidence.

  3. The Germans don't need to bailout Europe. The Germans need to hit the European reset button: Debt-free currency, Angela Merkel, debt-free!

  4. We're At 400 Carbon PPM Now. Thank You To The Climate Change Trio Of Fossil Fuels: Oil, Gas, And Coal...

  5. Scores Killed in Kaduna, Zaria Bombings, Reprisals #nigeria via @allafrica

  6. The new President of Egypt needs to act like it whether SCAF likes it or not. Declare yourself Commander and Chief & give SCAF their orders.

  7. "Stop-and-frisk" without probable cause is unconstitutional. If you're not under arrest or a suspect, you're allowed to say "No" & to leave.

  8. Twitter Digest: Monday, June 18, 2012

  9. Tom USHER i is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @DiscipleMyKids

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