Vanguard state: California might just lead the way on GMO labeling | Grist

...when the debate over GMOs is covered by the media, it's often from the perspective of a scientific "consensus" that GMOs are safe while consumers are needlessly concerned. It's an easy stance to take as long as you ignore the paucity of independent research on these foods and the limits biotech companies put on researchers who want access to their seeds.

... anti-anti-Frankenfood analyses also tend to downplay the risks of GMOs to other farmers. But in California, that argument matters. Organic agriculture is big business in the Golden State — it's got the most certified organic acreage in the entire country with sales worth well over $1 billion annually. Organic growers cannot by law use genetically modified ingredients — the presence of GM residue above a certain level will cause farms to lose their organic certification — but not all consumers are aware of that fact.

via Vanguard state: California might just lead the way on GMO labeling | Grist.

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