Attacked by [homosexual] Tolerance - YouTube

I'm not a Roman Catholic, and I don't subscribe to the Marine Corps hymn; but these guys make a perfect point that those who scream for tolerance are often highly fascistic.

Attacked by Tolerance -- How same-sex "marriage" hurts people - YouTube.

Here's an interesting thing. While homosexualists want sympathy against bullying and we see the video above showing hyper bullying against a group of peaceful dissenters against the homosexual agenda, we also see hyper-governmental protection for homosexualists: "Government-funded 'registry of homophobic acts' launched today in Quebec." Will there be similar protections against homosexual fascism? Well, what's happening in California? "The CA State House: Vote 'NO' on SB 1172: The Reparative Therapy Bill."

Why PJI Strongly Opposes SB 1172
SB 1172 is an unprecedented attempt to silence professionals and people of faith who believe that it is possible to change same-sex attractions and feelings. The bill outright prohibits counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and others from telling a sexually confused teenager or child that change is possible. Under SB 1172, it does not matter whether the young person seeks counseling on their own or has been the victim of a sex crime--reparative therapy would be prohibited. The ban even applies to professionals working for a church or ministry. This approach silences free speech, invades privacy, takes away parental authority and officially blames professionals and people of faith for substance abuse, suicide, and relationship problems. The implications of this bill are chilling.

California SB 1172 is nothing short of fascism in the promotion of homosexuality.

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