Tom's Take on: "New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research"

The most shocking and troubling outcomes, however, are those related to sexual abuse. Children raised by a lesbian mother were 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver" 23% reported this, vs. only 2% for children of married biological parents, while those raised by a homosexual father were 3 times more likely reported by 6%. In his text, but not in his charts, Regnerus breaks out these figures for only female victims, and the ratios remain similar 3% IBF; 31% LM; 10% GF. As to the question of whether you have "ever been physically forced" to have sex against your will not necessarily in childhood, affirmative answers came from 8% of children of married biological parents, 31% of children of lesbian mothers nearly 4 times as many, and 25% of the children of homosexual fathers 3 times as many. Again, when Regnerus breaks these figures out for females who are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse in general, such abuse was reported by 14% of IBFs, but 3 times as many of the LMs 46% and GFs 52%.

via New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research.

Let me add that homosexual or other sexual abuse does not have to come from an adult parent or caregiver. It can come from those not yet adults themselves. Also, such abuse does not have to be forced but can come as a result of psychological manipulation or coercion that might go undetected even by the abused as forced, per se.

Right now in California, homosexual activists within the state legislature are attempting to make it illegal for children who have suffered homosexual abuse to seek professional mental healthcare help for their confusion in the form of resultant same-sex attraction. That attempt at lawmaking is nothing short of fascistic and needs to be shut down. Such children must come first, and homosexual activists who seek to deny them the help they need must be made to back off and permanently.

The CA State House: Vote 'NO' on SB 1172: The Reparative Therapy Bill

Those activists themselves need to seek mental and spiritual help to deal with their own same-sex attraction issues that have come as a result of environment, and not genetics, in nearly all, if not all, cases.

Lastly, yes, I read the entire study: Mark Regnerus, "How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study," Social Science Research Vol 41, Issue 4 (July 2012), pp. 752-770; online at:

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