Understanding SSA [Same-Sex Attraction] as a Signal - Joseph Nicolosi

Were these changes an 'accident,' unconnected to my therapy? I think not. Was my therapy 'dangerous,' as some critics with an ideological axe to grind try to claim? Well, if growing in self-acceptance, and feeling now that I belong around men is 'dangerous,' then I want more of it!!!!!!

Read the whole article: Understanding SSA as a Signal - Joseph Nicolosi.

I believe there are many, many avenues into homosexuality, more than only those touched upon by Dr. Nicolosi's articles. That said, I think he would readily admit that there's more to learn. I think he has. What I won't agree with are the statements of those who claim change is not possible or that Dr. Nicolosi's efforts have been either useless or harmful.

For one, I feel that many men end up in homosex because they have been in sexual-overdrive and were not satisfied often enough by women (for whatever reasons). I also believe that pornography showing both males and females engaging in sex conditions the mind into confusing sexual arousal by the opposite sex into arousal by either or both. Also, once males are being "satisfied" by other males and it is "easy" to find willing partners in what are called gay bars and elsewhere, then they more or less give up on women.

I have no statistical evidence for those ideas on homosexuality of mine. I have never heard them or seen them put forth anywhere else. This is the first time I've written them or told anyone. I'm certain that "scientific" research would bear them out though.

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