"Christian" group [Exodus International] backs away from ex-[homosexual] therapy | Fox News

Besen said Truth Wins Out is unveiling a campaign this week to encourage lawmakers in all 50 states to ban reparative therapy from being performed on minors. The California state Senate passed a bill to do that last month, and Besen said similar legislation is likely to be introduced soon in at least three other states.

via Christian group backs away from ex-gay [nothing gay about it] therapy | Fox News.

First of all, Alan Chambers doesn't speak for the whole group. There are members considering leaving on account of his new views if he isn't made to step down or doesn't volunteer to do so.

I believe Alan Chambers is engaging in a huge "sour grapes" campaign that is really quite anti-Christ in nature.

The above quoted paragraph is the one that portends the most trouble though. That "Truth Wins Out" is nothing short of homosexual fascism, telling people who have successfully treated people, helping them to greatly diminish their unwanted, repeat, unwanted same-sex attractions, that they will no longer be allowed to do that with minors even where the minors want the help and are now suffering from same-sex attraction as a direct result of homosexual child sexual abuse.

Being in favor of such laws is sheer evil. It's about as ill-liberal as it gets. It's homosexual fascism right out in the open. You will conform to the idea that change is not possible or we will continue and expand our efforts to deceive more and more people and to oppress you to the point of prison and even torture and death if you won't give in. Oh, it will come to that if the people don't turn to wholesomeness and away from buggery and the rest. The slippery slope is before us. It's becoming steeper and slipperier. The pedophiles are in line to get their "civil rights" too. Just you wait. It won't be long either. They are impatient. They see all these inroads being made by the mass of homosexuals. They see how easy it's been to indoctrinate the children. They want their picture books in front of the four- and five-year-olds too showing smiling children in happy settings being molested by pedophiles who "love" them. When will the shooting war begin over it?

You don't think it will happen? Why do you think the homosexuals went after the military so hard? Why do you think they're now in private rooms for two rather than open barracks? Lots of the military ends up as the police too: Militant homosexuals with the full power of the secular state behind them to do exactly what the founder and leader of the Nazi Brown Shirts, Ernst Roehm, wanted before he was finally killed by Hitler's orders. It's a deep, deep cesspool of homosexual fascists. You can see the streak in those homosexuals who violently attack those who merely express their political opposition.

You can read it in the words of homosexuals yearning for the day when those who are anti-homosexuality are tortured to death. I'm talking about psychopaths and sociopaths in large numbers, much larger than the unsuspecting masses would have thought is even possible. These are the same people who want to outlaw Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) starting with the most vulnerable and impressionable, the children, many of whom have been abused by homosexual pedophiles, often incestuous homosexual and bi-sexual pedophiles.

They have no problem sentencing innocent children, the products of abuse and neglect, dysfunction and confusion to a needless life of deep error, pain, and suffering. I think they rather "get off" on the idea — looking forward to more and more and more practicing homosexuals until they do it openly in all the streets mocking everything that is good and righteous and true.

It is becoming darker and darker. The contrast is becoming so great that no one will have any excuse feigning ignorance. As I've written many times, it must become much worse before it becomes much better. When Hell is cleaned away, then we will have Heaven; and these people, these fake "Truth Wins Out" people, are bringing a living nightmare to the Earth. They are no better than the worst war-mongers and the greediest of the greedy. Their leaders lust for flesh and souls for evil every bit as much as those others do.

The group "Truth Wins Out" is based upon lies. They couldn't be further from the truth. They hate the truth. the truth is their mortal and eternal enemy. They will lose. In fact, they already have. It's a forgone conclusion.

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