Alan Chamber's, Exodus International, bad theological basis rejecting Reparative Therapy for homosexuals

Chambers told The Christian Post on Thursday that reparative therapy, which seeks to "cure" SSA through activities like counseling and prayer, sets the person seeking therapy up for failure by giving him or her unrealistic expectations.

"As the president of Exodus International and, even more than that, as a Christian leader who is out in front of people all the time, it is my responsibility to lead honestly and transparently and to share with people that, just because you become a Christian,...your struggles don't always go away," he said. "You don't get to a place where you're never going to be tempted again."

Exodus International Rejects Reparative Therapy for Gays.

I wonder if Alan Chambers has nothing good to say anymore about the work of NARTH and others who practice SOCE. The timing of this move of his couldn't be worse considering what's happening in CA and planned for elsewhere. If he didn't, and I should think they would have reported it had he, at least he could have said that he disagrees with SB 1172.

Theologically though, I will say that I don't understand how any professing Christian can deem completely overcoming to be beyond the spiritual reach of the believer. I feel certain that Jesus does not agree with him. I know that I have been cured of many, many bad habits; and I don't put any remaining habits beyond being completely overcome. Why should I? Why should I think that with God it still can't happen?

I consider Alan's message to be negative relative to Jesus's. It strikes me that way.

In addition, those who professionally treat others via Reparative Therapy speak in terms of diminishment. "Curing" isn't the only target, if at all, for many of them.

Lastly, just because Alan is still tempted by homosexual urges does not mean that everyone else still is. He's making pronouncements that are not justified or he is mincing his words. Having homosexual temptation leave one's life is not the same thing as never being tempted again concerning anything. Maybe he spoke clearly on that, but the article doesn't suggest it.

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