Only a national model can resolve Syria crisis: Assad's hogwash - Tehran Times

[Assad] stated that "for terrorists and the governments that sponsor them, reforms are not important. They are seeking (to create) unrest. Therefore, if we had implemented the reforms at that time or now, what was supposed to occur would have taken place because the issue (plot) had been devised abroad and has nothing to do with reforms. The forces that claimed the problem was (the lack of) reforms, or some of these forces, did not benefit from the reforms."

He said political reforms in the country were delayed because the process, which originally began in 2000, coincided with a number of regional and global events that put extra pressure on Syria, namely the Palestinian Intifada in 2000, the September 11 incidents in 2001 and the ensuing US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel's war against Lebanon in 2006, and the Zionist regime's war on Gaza in 2009.

via Only a national model can resolve Syria crisis: Assad - Tehran Times.

Wow, talk about lame excuses, Assad is so transparent there. He had ample opportunities to undertake reforms that would have made all the difference in the world because had he undertaken them in a timely fashion, many, many people in the West would definitely not be against him who are against him now.

Of course there are imperialist Americans leading the charge, but their charge is vastly stronger than it would otherwise have been had Assad reformed when he had the great opportunity to do it.

Yes, he might have been out of office now, but that's the self-sacrifice he should have been willing to make for the sake of the whole Syrian people. He should have been willing to stand for election in a multi-party Syria. Frankly, if he had handled it all correctly, I'm fairly sure he would have won and Syria would be much better than it was just prior to the uprising.

Truth be told, he blew it.

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