These Heatwaves Really Are a Sign

Despite all the evil-doers continually saying that if we all just go along with them, the sky will not fall in, why don't people realize the current heatwave in much of the US is a direct result of that very evil within people both individually and collectively?

When people see or hear the term "evil" there, many invariably conjure up ideas they then dismiss as completely impossible or if existent, at least disconnected from climate, etc. That's a huge, huge mistake.

The heatwaves and all the other severe weather events getting more and more severe, such as the longer and deeper droughts and larger outbreaks of tornadoes and larger snowfalls, even "out of season," are all a direct result of one thing: selfishness.

If the whole of humanity were to put each and all first and not the self first before all others, we would do the very best we can do together. It would be far, far better than we do now.

Rather than any member of society, of humanity, clinging to "investments" that bring in money for that investor while making the world worse in general, everyone would agree to invest everything in what would make the world better in general without leaving even one person behind.

The prime obvious example right now is the carbon-fuel sector. Because of the selfishness and shortsightedness in  that sector, in its investors, we are having more extreme weather in every season and year after year and reaching around the world. That pattern will only continue and accelerate if the selfish, hard hearts don't soften.

This is true for all human endeavors. No matter the sector, the more selfishness there is, the worst things are and will become. The less understanding there is of what is ultimately best and the less people practice what that is, the worst things will become. Unfortunately, an anvil has to hit some folks in the head before they feel the sky falling.

Also unfortunately, some people figure to simply live it up wasting everything and then just "die anyway," as they put it.

Well, things are changing quickly, as I predicted they would -- that the changes would surprise even the scientists who actually know, have known, there's anthropogenic global warming (human-caused global warming). Now, it's been as hot as ever during modern record keeping in the US across a large swath. Storms have broken the power grid, and another heatwave is on the way. The power won't be restored fast enough for some people. How many will die as a direct result? How many have already die who would not have had we made the right moves four decades ago or before?

What will the "conservatives" and "libertarians" have to say, what will they think, once their kith and kins start dying due to extreme weather events? Will they finally wake up from their selfish spells? Some will sooner than others, of course.

But the carbon-fuel sector is capitalism, and we can't interfere with the "free" market they say. The free market includes the market for selling you on the idea that your brand of "freedom" is death in the long run and maybe not even so long, as we are seeing right now  with these heatwaves, storms, and power outages.

Wars are capitalist profit centers too, but they are causing vastly more problems than they are supposedly designed to fix. All the energy and effort being put into new and "better" ways of killing and coercing people could and should be completely redirected into devising new and better ways of saving both the people and the planet in peace.

It doesn't stop at greed and violence and the greed behind the violence. It is also directly connected to the other forms of self-first lusts. I'm speaking about sexual issues. I'm speaking about twisting and denying and obfuscating concerning sexual matters.

The same sort of self-centeredness that lies behind greed and needless violence also lies behind sexual depravity. Very often all three forms manifest greatly in one individual: the hyper-violent, financially greedy, insatiable materialist who also sexually preys upon others out of vast personal confusion stemming from the very evil I've been describing.

The abused very often becomes an abuser and without even understanding what molded him or her after birth or even in the womb or even before that (negative impacts upon fore-bearers going back how long and genetically, culturally, and environmentally?).

I've written all of this before and even many years ago now, but it is not yet popular. It will have to become popular though, or humanity is doomed.

I'm going to leave it there. I've written hundreds and hundreds of pages on this theme in one form or another already. This is just a reminder. This is just my way of reconnecting that same theme to the events that are unfolding right now.

I see the pattern everyday and have for decades. It's as plain and clear as can be. It can't be missed by those who open their eyes.

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