You can't serve both God and mammon: "Banking scandal: our whole society has been warped by the City [of London]"

The parallels with what we have learned about some parts of the news media in recent months are striking. Just as News International's insistence that phone hacking was confined to a few "rogue reporters" has been revealed as a lie, the idea that a small number of Bollinger-swilling renegades operated unnoticed inside our great British banks is absurd.

via Banking scandal: our whole society has been warped by the City | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Observer.

You can't serve both God and mammon. These people just don't get it. We do not need banks. In fact, commercial, usury-based banks are inherently evil. That's why the scum floats to the top in every single one of them the bigger each gets. Banks are about making money off your brother rather than working with your brother for the benefit of all as one. Jesus is right and always will be about it.

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