"Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes the Sun" and Monetary Reform / Public Banking: Imagine

Watch the following, and then click the link to consider Monetary Reform and Public Banking (banks as a public utility). Consider all of that in combination, and imagine the potential that is right now being denied us but that, if we don't destroy ourselves first via utterly stupid selfishness (which necessarily includes so-called "pure" capitalism), is all inevitable. You will note that the German politician, Hermann Scheer, is a socialist yet obviously vastly smarter and more forward thinking than Ron Paul and all the other hyper-capitalists.

Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes The Sun --
Documentary - YouTube

Read and watch: Where does "money" come from? Do you want to know?

The money they are talking about using for hospitals and schools in that second linked video can certainly be used to fund energy projects such that all the energy needs and even wants of humanity can be provided debt-free and at zero charge -- no energy bills at all. It's the truth. Only the stupid greedy throwbacks are holding it back. With United States Notes and a proper Monetary Authority (real-time computer program) and working democracy, we could be completely debt free and have all the sustainable energy we want or need.

I've been a backer of solar desalination plants for decades. Now, there is no excuse.

Everything Hermann Scheer said is correct in this regard. The carbon corporations will not be able to hold this back and will not be able to compete. They are the buggy whip to solar, wind, geothermal, etc.'s car key.

If, no when, we do it right, we will eliminate all poverty. Don't tell me that's not Biblical either. Jesus said that the poor you will always have with you, but he was speaking about before Heaven comes to Earth. When humanity stops being selfish and rather embraces the spirit, the mentality, that is God's, our problems will clear up. That's the message. Believe it. Do it. I want it. No one is coercing me. I want it voluntarily. The only question is that if you don't want it, why don't you?

Let's bring it in. The "demons" will fight against it, but so what? We will win in the end, as prophesied.

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