Where does "money" come from? Do you want to know?

Before you watch this, I just want to let you know that the recommendations in this video are not nearly as radical as needed.

We don't need credit. Ultimately, we don't even need money. We just need decisions made for the benefit of all and not the few greedy. It's not difficult to understand. The problem of humanity is one thing: selfishness.

Getting the definition of selfishness right and acting correctly accordingly is the solution to everything that's wrong, everything!

97% Owned - Positive Money Cut - YouTube.

Let me also say that much of the knowledge in this video is many, many decades old. It is not as if people didn't know about how money was created or that banksters control whole nations and blocs of nations via that power. Monetary Reform that goes about half way to the democratic levels suggested in the video has been around since the 1930's at least. That Monetary Reform platform says exactly that banks should not be able to leverage via fractional-reserve lending.

The NEED Act is an example of that old-style reform. The problem with the NEED Act lies primarily with the Monetary Authority being humans rather than equations. Also the Banking Reform Movement is advocating for banking being a public utility.

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