Asteroid between Mars, Jupiter named for pedophilia supporter Frank Kameny - The Washington Post

This article says nothing about Frank Kameny being a pedophilia supporter:

Asteroid between Mars, Jupiter named for US gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny - The Washington Post

He was though.

'Gay Rights' Icon Frank Kameny Spoke at NAMBLA Meeting in 1981

When asteroids start being name for those who openly supported pedophilia and there's no outcry about it and it's not immediately overturned never to happen again, you know the world is headed further and further toward Hell. There's no doubt about it.

Frank Kameny was full of evil! Okay? You don't know that? You don't think supporting pedophilia is evil? If so, you're sick, just the way he was. It's true. Turn. Repent. Atone. You need help. Ask God to forgive you. You are really messed up. You don't know how messed up you are. You have been totally deceived.

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