ThinkProgress: Unjustified, Inappropriate Censorship on Homosexuality

ThinkProgress is recklessly censoring -- highly ill-liberal, anti-progressive:

Here's my most recent comment there:

This site or at least this homosexual, etc., section is cowardly because it is censoring perfectly appropriate replies and doing so for ideological, non-scientific reasons.

It came because the following was deleted:

Meghan Knuth,

Well, Meghan, first of all the subject is vastly wider than you suggest. The article is clearly what is referred to as "politicized," which opens it up to my analysis on a whole host of approaches. If you think you are the arbiter on what I may write here on the various issues, the particular study, and the article here, you are mistaken.

In addition, the standard you are suggesting would preclude a large body of work that you probably have been leaning upon to come to your false conclusions/propaganda. That would be fine by me. The paper in question would not have gotten past me without additional clarification. Although, the study's author did state the study's weaknesses right in the study.

As for your next supposed point, yours is an appeal to authority where the authority was and remains co-opted by political/ideological, not scientific, forces.

You should read and listen to the former President of the APA who was instrumental (the prime-mover and decision-maker at the time) in removing "discrimination" against homosexuals and removing homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses but who now openly states that the evidence-based requirement ended up being thrown out the window for the sake of a political agenda (and that's putting it mildly). He says that while still affirming homosexuality. His honesty is refreshing, even though I don't agree with his views about homosexuality, per se.

You falsely imagine that I need to go through asking others for their blessing before I know without a doubt that anal intercourse is a mistake and that no male homosexuals ought to be practicing their main sexual climactic activity, just as vaginal intercourse is the main sexual activity of most heterosexuals. And before you ask, yes, anal sex is an error for heteros too.

No, I don't have to get a show of hands from a bunch of ideologues before I can say here that anal sex is an error, misleading, and inherently unwholesome, unhealthy. If you think I do, that's your shortcoming.

I doubt you know the details of how the "illness" list changed.

Does this linked material scare you:

Over 200 Professors And Therapists Condemn Faulty Gay Parenting Study | ThinkProgress

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