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Are we really so blinkered that we we are going to take the risk ruining the breadbasket of the world just as we are adding another 2 billion people to the planet?

via We're Already Topping Dust Bowl Temperatures -- Imagine What'll Happen if We Fail to Stop 10°F Warming | | AlterNet.

The truth of the matter is that the greedy controlling things by controlling the mammon as a privatized enterprise don't give a damn. They are grabbing everything they can before they die. What it is, is utter stupidity, no matter how smart they think they are or how naive and worthless they think everyone else is.

The first most important secular step that can be, and should be, done is to nationalize the currency. Paying interest to private bankers under any circumstances or to any degree so we may have currency is just plain dimwitted. Our currency should be pegged only to real productivity needs paying for all the things the people need first and then all the things they want after that all in a sustainable, healthy manner. It would not be difficult at all!

They talk about greed and selfishness being the only workable incentive. That is completely wrong. Plenty of things have been accomplished, huge things, where the good of the group was the main driver.

The only thing that is wrong is that the group has been defined too narrowly. The only way forward for humanity is ultimately to view the whole of humanity as one group in this regard. There can be subgroups, but they shouldn't be set against each other.

Competition is not the proper mentality for solving all the problems. Competition is an obstacle to the ultimate solution. Cooperation is the proper mentality.

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