Turn Banking Into a Publicly Owned and Operated Utility, Nationalize the US Currency

I agree and have for years and years.

Nationalize the currency too. Right now it's privatized. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation. Federal Reserve Notes are issued by the US Treasury. The US government through the Department of the Treasury issues private-bank notes as the legal tender. It does so while borrowing to do so. The Federal Reserve keeps 6% for profits. The people get saddled with paying interest on the National Debt.

If the currency were nationalized, United States Notes could be used to pay off the National Debt and no more debt would accrue. We could even do away with taxes, but most people's minds refuse to contemplate that because most people can't think about anything they haven't first heard from corporate media. They are well-trained/conditioned not to think things through correctly and to then act upon those thoughts but rather not think deeply at all on serious matters and to do what they are told.

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