Twitter Digest: Monday, July 16, 2012

  1. Homosexual Reparative Therapy, what is it and has Alan Chambers of Exodus International been misrepre...

  2. House of Cards: Greed is Bad

  3. How To Refuse an ID Checkpoint - YouTube

  4. The banksters are laughing. (@YouTube

  5. I liked a @YouTube video from @rt_com 'Extremism to grow in Spain, Italy, France as bankste

  6. Tom USHER i is out!

  7. "...20 percent, want the government to stay out of regulating greenhouse gases...." People are waking up to AGW again.

  8. "Native American populations descend from three key migrations"

  9. Meteorites, not comets, may have brought water to Earth | Ars Technica

  10. So, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is a fascist? It looks that way here:

  11. Four Reasons the Islamists Lost in Libya - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East via @AlMonitor

  12. Doing unto others what you don't want done to your uncle in this way is wrong. #Egypt

  13. Tantawi will back off. #Egypt

  14. "I don't think you treat children as chattels,...if you're a heterosexual couple it arises naturally."

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