Birthers Still Have an Issue They're Able to Keep Alive. Ask Barack Obama Why.

Before Barack Obama's White House released what it says is an exact facsimile of Barack Obama's "long form" Birth Certificate, I had been writing that he needed to do that to shut the Birthers up (assuming he has a genuine certificate to release). I staked most of my own strong leanings on the subject upon the news that reported that archives exist showing the birth announcements as published in the Hawaiian newspapers shortly after Barack's reported birth there.

When he released what the White House reported was his long certificate, I was glad. However, over time, it has become clear that the manner in which that release occurred and what was released itself has only served to make matters worse.

Now, I am right back where I was before the release by saying again that Barack Obama needs to now force (which he has the power to do due to the critical Constitutional and high-crime issue that this is, whether Barack Obama backers think so or not) the State of Hawaii to show the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and at least one other Supreme Court justice along with several independent experts the original Certificate and all back-up documentation necessary to exhaust an investigation and to once and for all determine and announce whether or not the document is authentic.

There is not one good reason that Barack Obama has not put this to rest if an authentic Certificate exists. When he learned that people had raised all sorts of questions based upon the thinking shown in the videos below, he should have demanded the highest review of the documents to settle the matter.

Now that Chief Justice Roberts has voted for Obamacare being constitutional, no doubt even an investigation headed by him would be subjected to suspicion. That's why an investigative body must include people from both sides of the political aisle and independent experts widely acceptable and determined as such before the investigation begins and any formal, official report is issued.

Barack Obama, do it. If you won't or can't, then those newspaper archives need to be examined. They probably should be anyway now that you've allowed this to drag on and on and on when you could have put it to bed (if you have an authentic Certificate) almost immediately after the Birthers started hollering about it.

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