NARTH of God?

"...wording is critical." It is, and having a chance to flesh out what one means is also. However, even when one fleshes it out with the utmost care and exhaustively so, it can fall on deaf ears (dead hearts in the Christian sense).

Are they free of temptation in Heaven? Jesus was tempted, but was he? Is there temptation and then there's temptation? It takes context to understand. We are given a finite number of words in the Gospels, for instance, but taking them all in expands our understanding of the terms in their places.

He did pray to have the cup taken away, but he also said that he came to drink it for us and our salvation, which sends chills throughout my body and wells up my eyes. He prayed but did not flinch. Was he tempted to run away? I don't think so. Regardless, he drank it for each of us and all of us together.

He came to take away. I believe homosexuality will be taken away.

If that happens with the aid of Reparative Therapy (RT), so be it. Whatever takes it away is of God in my book.


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