Semantical Theology and the Occulted Homosexualist Agenda

Semantical Theology is my forte. The name of my tiny/huge (depending upon the context — ha) cyber "ministry" is the Real Liberal Christian Church. Wrap your mind around that semantically. The term "liberal" there comes directly from Isaiah:

"The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful." — Isaiah 32:5

I visited David Pickup's website recently and found this article where David asks the question in the title: "Does this article really sound like healthy love? [not available!articles/vstc1=article-2]"

What is real love? You see, David and many others are already on the subject but just are deliberately marginalized by the Homosexual Movement, which is really an iteration of the Free Love Movement that, quite frankly, knows no bounds.

Are you familiar with Aleister Crowley? If not, I suggest you dig into that as far as you can. Knowing about him in some detail will allow you to see, if you don't already, the spider web that connects directly to the most "civil" and "gentle" and "nice" homosexuals only promoting homosexual "marriage" "rights" (for now). All of those are in quotes due to the semantics and the "liberating" connotations that have devolved into existence due to unrighteous usage.

"Real Christian" is a pejorative with many homosexuals to flip the notion of right and wrong upside down. It's exactly why Isaiah said, "The vile person shall be no more called liberal." The twisting of words started ages ago. This is no new phenomenon. The time to which Isaiah was referring is yet to come. He said, we don't end up the losers.

One of his more famous lines is, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"(Isaiah 5:20)

All of this is also why the homosexuals have focused so much on Christianity, to turn people further away from the very understanding that I'm relating to you, which understanding already is mostly lost. If they can, they think, knock down Christ ("God is Dead"), who referred to Isaiah but who knew even more about it all than did Isaiah, then those homosexuals will afford more and more room for disciples of the Aleister Crowley mold, who number in the hundreds of millions even without always fully realizing it. It is another reason the "slippery slope" concept is so repudiated by them. Many of them continually insist that what they are advocating now is the final line: that pedophilia, for instance, will not enter in after homosexual marriage. We know better: Do pedophiles deserve sympathy? Is that the right topic? Slippery slope?

Aleister Crowley was a humanist and libertarian, an anarchist (a sexual anarchist – no rules – do whatever you will). That was even his law, and it has been whole-heartedly (a misnomer there) adopted by most (not all) of the leadership of Hollywood and Rock 'n Roll, etc. There are self-labeled Christian humanists, Christian libertarians, and Christian anarchists. However, each of those only works within very specific contexts and not the contexts I've applied concerning Crowley. There are clear lines between them, but you have to go way in to see them. Trying to get anyone to sit still long enough to explain it all is quite a challenge. Jesus said, "Few there be that find it."

How does all of this relate to NARTH, CA SB-1172, etc.? Why is Christ linked directly to the issue? He's the homosexualists' biggest enemy. Most of them are atheists (which is a term they also work at making vague by splitting the hair as far as they can). SB-1172, no matter what else it is, is anti-Christ. Does one have to believe in Jesus as the Christ in order to support NARTH treating children for unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) that can occur, and in many cases has occurred, with previously non-SSA children as a direct result of homosexual and other abuses, even rape? No. However, for anyone to have the big picture, to be fully informed, it is necessary that he or she delve into heretofore untouched subject matters for him or her.

I believe that's enough for now. It's an endless subject in the "worldly" sense of "endless."

I highly recommend that you first do the digging part. It is not easy to probe it all. The mainstream keeps it hidden. The Internet made it easier for a while, but the mainstream is doing what it can to slowly close that off too, as I describe above, and in other ways of which I am fully aware but won't go into now.

Tom Usher

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