Homosexualist-Fascist Rahm Emanuel: "Chick-Fil-A should be banished for Christian marriage beliefs"

What's with all these fascist "liberals"? When I was a boy, I never heard anyone claiming to be a liberal who would utter the utterly fascistic pollution that comes out of Rahm Emanuel's mouth. Chicago needs its head examined for electing him.

Homosexualist-Fascist Rahm Emanuel: "Chick-Fil-A should be banished for Christian marriage beliefs"Although typically supportive of progressive causes, the editors of Globe responded critically on Wednesday, saying Menino's comments did not respect Cathy's right to his personal beliefs.

"[W]hich part of the First Amendment does Menino not understand?" they wrote. "A business owner's political or religious beliefs should not be a test for the worthiness of his or her application for a business license."

via Rahm Emanuel: Chick-Fil-A should be banished for Christian marriage beliefs | LifeSiteNews.com.

This is exactly what people warned about when standards started being relaxed: that all that was happening was letting the camel put its nose under the tent. Now its rear end is practically all the way in.

God, if you don't support males sodomizing each other, you can't have a fast-food restaurant license. When does the shooting begin?

The American version: "First they came for the Christians...." Who was it who said, "When fascism shows its ugly head in America, it will be wrapped in a rainbow flag and carrying a pink triangle"? I think he was onto something.

Rahm, you make Ernst Rohm proud and you make all real liberals want to distance themselves from you as far as possible.

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