Twitter Digest: Saturday, July 28, 2012

  1. RT @GreeGreece: #FF @tavlesh #FF @Genespark @redglitterx @Tokyo_Tom @bondwooley @TomUsher @CelticCamera @ExtremelyAvg @comeonnoles @KhelNaru

  2. Watch: Vanunu, Whistleblower: Israeli Nuclear-Weapons Program

  3. History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until ...

  4. They must create a debt-free euro! "Jobs crisis first big test for firebrand French leftist"

  5. Tom USHER i is out!

  6. I favorited a @YouTube video from @RepPress McCain Confronted on USS Liberty Cover-up & Med

  7. RT @PropertyPak: QE has been pushing on the Wall Street string rather than bailing Main Street. The Fed lacks the authority, right?

  8. RE:

    "Why personalise such a discussion"? Why not? Don't you take Zionism personally? You know you do. Where's the ...

  9. #FF @tavlesh #FF @Genespark @redglitterx @Tokyo_Tom @bondwooley @TomUsher @CelticCamera @ExtremelyAvg @comeonnoles @KhelNaru

  10. Tom USHER i is out!

  11. FF @GreeGreece

  12. RE:

    "Besides your Jesus praise - and think what Christians did to Jews for two millennia - which I find odd...." O...

  13. RE: @ymedad "'What Jabotinsky conveniently ignored is that the land of the Arabs did not support that many people whe...

  14. @TomUsher I think that is called standing up for what is right.

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