Twitter Digest: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

  1. Police unconstitutionally declaring as unlawful peaceful assemblies for the redress of grievances should be ruled upon by the federal court.

  2. And yes, I know Bush started TARP.

  3. "TARP Was Even Worse Than You Think." Get real. We knew it was for Wall Street (not Main Street) before Obama did it.

  4. New report shows rising US child poverty

  5. Tom USHER i is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @Earth_News @imemcnews

  6. Romney, the Zionist dupe, riles Palestinians with digs at culture, economy via @reuters

  7. RE: @TomUsher Very early on, children can be sexually abused, neglected, and twisted into years of exclusively homose...

  8. Netanyahu nephew tells US shake up Zionists, take away keys

  9. Challenge CA State Senator Ted Lieu over homosexual reparative therapy for children

  10. Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds via @guardian

  11. RT @PropertyPak: How Scottsdale Seeded the Green Building Movement | Vegas Seven via @7Vegas

  12. I favorited a @YouTube video Boaz Almog "levitates" a superconductor

  13. Has the US Given Israel a Green Light To Attack Syria? by Eric Margolis:

  14. Tom USHER i is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @SwiftEconomics @sarahdelane

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