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The Regnerus Study: An Academic Auto-da-Fé - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher EducationI left the following comment about the Mark Regnerus study over on this excellent article by Christian Smith: An Academic Auto-da-Fé - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education:

I'd already written elsewhere nearly every point Christian Smith makes in the article above about the Mark Regnerus article and study, all of which I have read. I have seen that many of the same thoughts have been original with very many people.

What I want to emphasize now though is that it is patently wrong to have expected Mark Regnerus to have thought of everything before publishing. Much of the criticism about his Article is level by a slang-loaded clique, which clique overlaps much of Sociology. How many cooks was Mark to have consulted before making his broth and serving it? Is it now to be required that before one undertakes research and publishes that he or she consults a large number of those in the same field and being sure to cover every viewpoint? That would become very nearly research and publishing by committee only and not a selective one at that. Would all such studies have to be as US Supreme Court and other such decisions where dissenting opinions are always allowed? Are we talking about equal resources and equal publishing space for opposing views? Who in the world would have the time or ability to do that without first remaking society? How would it be possible to avoid the tyranny of the majority who co-opt or dominate a field for more than the purest reasons, which is really one of Christian Smith's points too. Look, if someone or group wants to start a journal based upon what I've just mentioned, I'd be all for it; but would enough people participate to make it work? I would hope so, but it would take a great deal of honesty, which is in very short supply.

That said, rather than going into hyper-ventilation, which many seem to have done, what the homosexuals could have done is simply list the things they would like to be considered for inclusion in futures studies. What they absolutely should not have done is call for Mark Regnerus to be fired or disciplined. I won't reiterate the reasons. Christian Smith, others, and I have already made that case (case closed prima fascia).

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Those linked articles by no means exhaust everything I've written and published on this issue.

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