MercatorNet: The Regnerus Affair: research integrity and politics:

I will ask a question. In the 1930s, many prominent scientists and engineers in Germany lost their reputations, their jobs, and some eventually their lives because of a non-scientific reason: they happened to be Jews, or outspoken Christians, or simply opposed to some political aim of the government. Everyone now agrees that this was a grievous violation of human rights, an early warning sign of the greater wrongs the German government would do in World War II. While that situation differs from the one Regnerus finds himself in by degree, does it differ in kind from what Jewish scientists suffered in Germany in the 1930s?

Regnerus has reached scientific conclusions that oppose the prevailing political winds. Though his punishment has come from activists rather than official government sources, it is no less politically motivated and no less unjust. Smith [sociologist Christian Smith] thinks the integrity of the social-science research process is threatened by the "public smearing and vigilante media attacks" mounted against Regnerus. If such attacks are successful, we have taken a long step away from scientific integrity and a long step toward the encouragement of a political atmosphere that is totalitarian in its effects.

via MercatorNet: The Regnerus Affair: research integrity and politics:.

By the way, the Nazi Brown Shirts were lead by homosexuals. Ernst Rohm was a raging homosexual and surrounded himself with the same. The homosexualists are trying desperately to cover this up by pointing to what they say the Nazis later did to homosexuals. You can see it in the Google search results ("Ernst Rohm" homosexual). Google is very pro-homosexuality. When I did a search just now, it put a Jewish pro-homosexuality site at the top and not the prime articles and posts about Ernst Rohm's homosexuality. Google's algorythms are written to return perception-managed results (false propaganda; the switcheroo). So much for Google's motto to do no evil.

I don't even read Google News anymore because it is so loaded with homosexualizing.

However, the fact that the fascist, street brawling SA was led by homosexuals can't be altered. Rohm bragged about how homosexuals were particularly adept at being thugs.

So, when someone points to homosexual fascism raising its ugly head in America, don't be so quick to dismiss it. The tactics used against Mark Regnerus definitely smack of an evil totalitarianism lurking, marching, and waiting to force in more and more decay.

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