A rant, my diatribe, a song, a prophecy

A rant, my diatribe, a song, a prophecy

I'm still planning the Christian Commons. I hate capitalism — always have. Are we clear on that? All the money "dealings" are only because we are stuck in a greedy world. I didn't make it greedy.

And if I end up living on the Christian Commons by myself (if I can even bring any of it about what with such a self-absorbed, spiritually-dead-of-righteousness culture), well then, so be it. If someone doesn't step up to take over after me, it will have to go to another non-profit or convert to state property. What a world.

Do I sound angry? Just the facts....

Your generation is still mostly racing toward the amorality, hedonistic cliff. You do realize that, right?

You don't like me? Do you signify with God? I want to. Why you people block everything though is for you to ponder.

Whom am I talking to? Does the shoe fit? If not, show it.

You're all perfect, and I'm the one who's all screwed up. You're perfect because I'm self-righteous. Where do you get off?

You talk against hate while you hate and hate and hate. You talk against harm while you harm and harm and harm. You talk up your own self-esteem while you look the other way about your hate and harm. You censor the truth. You twist the facts. You tell your endless stream of half-truths always sure to leave out the parts that show you to be a fool, you think. You actually think you're fooling destiny? You'll trick your way passed fate? You'll pull the wool over God's eyes? You'll kill God or already have? You're the one who's dead. You were born dead.

You want truth-telling to be wrapped up in fake, in nothing but comfortable, and to turn a blind eye to the damage you've caused.

You started it, but you're not going to finish it. You're going to be finished because you think you can do without Jesus's God. You know nothing. It doesn't matter all the mistakes I've made. I repent.

If you think shame is evil, you have no working conscience and are your own worst enemy.

Can you say, Amen?

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