John Mauldin, wake up! Smell the debt-free money.

John Mauldin recently wrote, "...there are no easy answers when you have to move out of the realm of theory and into the messy real world." ( However, what thought has he bothered to give to a debt-free currency for the United States and elsewhere? To my knowledge, none, publicly anyway. I should think that the one and only reason for that is because he would be afraid to touch it because he would lose much of his following/paying customers who are vested in the exact opposite: debt-based money from one end to the other.

What this country needs is Monetary Reform of the most radical type: United States Notes and Public Banking that is usury-free; real time (hi-tech), opensource regulation of the money supply to avoid all inflation/deflation; and elimination of the national debt in one fell swoop.

The worst thing is the ignorance of people who do not realize that money can be and should be created by the people's government in the exact amount needed to accomplish only what the people want and need and not for the private, special privilege and advantage of debt-money banksters and their mega-corporation hangers-on.

The question from the fiscal hawks (Tea Partiers; the Paul Ryan's of the country) of "Who's going to pay for it" shows their profound ignorance. What is the "it" there? Is it a bridge, a road, a school, a house, a water works, a solar panel array to produce enough electricity for a nation, or perhaps a combination of geothermal, wind, tidal, and solar? Where would the money come from, taxes? Who would own the results? Who would charge whom for use? Who would profit at the negative expense of others?

The money would come from governmental creation of the money, just as it used to be done before the banksters took over and scammed the planet and designed the economics courses to preclude any discussion of better and best alternatives to the banksters' system. The people would own the results and share it as they decide in a fully open, fully informed democratic society. No one would charge anyone. No one would profit at anyone's negative expense. Everyone would cooperate and work to bring this all forth.

How would inflation and deflation be avoided?

A network of publicly owned and manufactured super computers would be publicly programmed in an opensource fashion (some of the best software on the planet is open source). Transactional, account, and productivity feedback would be monitored; and accounts would be raised or lowered in real time as needed to avoid inflation and deflation.

If the people wanted all of their basic necessities met such that not one person would be living in poverty or would go without, then the funds to accomplish that would be created as needed and the production/work/service necessary to accomplish it would commence per the peoples' decided-upon methods.

When the issuance of money matches real productivity (not speculation; not finance capitalism), there is no price inflation or deflation. If productivity were going to otherwise slow going forward, the money supply could be reduced across-the-board or projects brought forward to maintain or increase productivity.

The one and only bank would be the nations treasury. The one and only currency would be the unit of United States Money that would reside in the system only. The only decision makers would be each citizen having a full and equal say at the grassroots where decisions would be taken locally and nationally and internationally. This would not be a competitive system but a cooperative system. Unselfishness would be the word rather than selfishness and greed.

It would go a long way toward healing everyone.

When it came time to build a superhighway system, the people, through their elected officials, decided to do it. The government borrowed the money (issued bonds rather than debt-free currency) when it didn't have to. The money was paid back with interest for no reason. The government hired private contractors when it didn't have to but rather should have publicly employed people for the public-works project (part of completely eliminating unemployment). Nevertheless, the result though was a highway system that was toll free (freeways not tollways).

There is not much difference in the level of difficulty in building the road system via debt and private contracting versus deft-free financing and publicly owned and operated road construction. In fact, I would argue that the latter method would be less difficult.

Eventually, this would lead to a moneyless society — a great goal! "Money is the root of all evil." Actually, selfishness is, and the selfish love money.

The more selfish, greedy, and basically evil/hard-hearted the person, the more he or she will claim I'm not right. Consider it. Stop being on the side of evil.

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