On: Breaking News: Extended Interview with Alan Chambers - @OWNTV #OurAmerica

Well, I don't watch TV, but this was recommended to me because I'm a NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) supporter.

Watch the video at this link, then read my take on Alan Chambers' statements.

Breaking News: Extended Interview with Alan Chambers - @OWNTV #OurAmerica

Alan Chambers said residual attraction remains for many he's talked to. So what? How long does it take for the old neuronal pathways to completely atrophy and even perhaps disappear and for new pathways to completely reroute the mind from homosexual attraction?

He said reparative therapists use heterosexual porn. Which therapists? All therapists? With their clients? I don't believe it. Do you?

He said "could be detrimental." He didn't say is detrimental. Does he know anyone for whom it was detrimental? If he claims it, first let him define what is detrimental. Is getting up in the middle of uncomfortable therapy dealing with truthful issues in one's past the detrimental thing rather than persevering through the therapy to a breakthrough? I say it is.

He wants to remake Christianity rather than finish the work of healing within. "Jesus didn't say come to me and I'll make you straight"? Who says, Alan Chambers? Yes, he says that. I say that Alan is completely wrong about it though. Jesus raised the dead. He can't heal homosexuality?

Alan wants not to hurt people. Who's hurt by Christians telling homosexuals that they can change, when it is absolutely true that they can change? I know people who've change, many of them. Jesus didn't tweak the truth to avoid someone being offended. He called the Pharisees "serpents." They were so offended, they murdered him via proxy. We all know it.

As for the idea that homosexuality is treated differently from other issues. Each issue gets its own level and type of attention, but there are Churches that march against war and violate city ordinances against feeding the hungry. There are Churches that speak out against killing the unborn and against falsehoods, such as that homosexuality is immutable and that reparative therapy is harmful or dangerous over and above any other psychological treatments that go way into what many people may have been repressing for years where they have to revisit painful moments to confront the reality of how those events molded them into what they would not likely have been otherwise: homosexual in this case.

I have to say that the smile on Alan's face when he said, "What if he does?" looked to me a bit gleeful, hopeful, looking forward to it. He lit up there more intensely than at any other moment in the interview that I saw.

What is reparative therapy for the male? It is the rerouting of behavior and desires away from trying to fill a void with homosexual behavior, which void was often caused by a distant father and overly involved mother. It is rerouting behavior back to what it would have been had the father been engaged and the mother not been smothering. There's more to it than that, but that's the gist of most of it.

Right now in California, SB 1172 is working its way through the legislative process where if it ends up being signed into law and allowed to stand by the courts, it will be against the law of California for any child who has unwanted same-sex attraction due even to homosexual abuse (it's a cause) to receive treatment in California for that same-sex sexual attraction (arousal) by a licensed mental healthcare provider. Imagine leaving such children without trained professional help with their unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) brought on by sexual abuse and/or neglect, etc., possibly even at the hands of their own father or mother or both. What of the parents who want to do the right thing and help their child suffering from abuse and SSA but who don't know how or what to do? They'll not have any experienced reparative therapists or others dealing with SOCE (Sexual Orientation Change Efforts) to help them other than perhaps the occasional clergy with some in-depth knowledge of the subject. It would be unconscionable. Governor Jerry Brown most certainly should veto that bill if it reaches his desk. If he doesn't, the courts should most certainly strike it down.

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