United States Notes and bottom-up-and-cross-and-down political economy

Two fabulous videos to watch and to combine because they (the so-called power elite) aren't willing yet to listen to others and to me about United States Notes and bottom-up-and-cross-and-down political economy:

Many of the things discussed in both of those videos can be, and will eventually be, globalized. Debt-free currency will be the only currency in the world someday. Growing food and supplying everyone with plenty of very healthy, free food will be the only way food is provided in the world someday.

When I was a boy, I had a saying of my own: "Someday is no day." Well, that was then. This is a new day. It is a new beginning. And for those who may be tempted to complain to me because I'm saying this while also saying I'm a Christian, none of it is inherently anti-Christ, quite the contrary.

There will be a New World Order. The question is not whether or not but what kind.

It is really a shame that professing Christians are not out front on this leading the way. I started the Christian Commons, what feels like ages ago now, and how many tens of thousands of "Christians" have come by this site and read about the Christian Commons only to turn their backs?

Well, if self-styled (read fake and phony) Christians won't help, I'll work with those people who will.

To all those who claim to be both Christian and laissez-faire, mega-corporatist capitalist, what do you think this means anyway? "The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful." — Isaiah 32:5.

Do you know what a churl is? Do you think the people featured in those two videos are more or less churlish than Murray Rothbard was? If you don't think they are vastly less churlish and vastly closer to Jesus (regardless of their own religious beliefs, which I have not checked), I feel sorry for you.

Those videos don't say they are anti-capitalist. I am, but I'm not coercive if I can help it. What those videos are, are representations of people trying to find, and actually finding, alternative pathways to what the power elite have created that brought on the economic crash and will do so again and again until they've consolidated the whole of human kind under them as debt-and-wage slaves in a dying world-dystopia.

Published by Tom Usher

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