Utter nonsense: "'Conversion therapy': Therapy that isn't," by Lara Embry

Read that article with the following in mind:

One of the comments there says:

"...the author, Lara Embry, has first hand knowledge of a gay person who converted to be straight. Her former spouse, Kimberly Ryan, subsequently married a man, and then she engaged in a custody battle over the child that was borne by Ms. Ryan. The tone of the article, which includes ridiculing colleagues who masquerade as "formerly-gay", seems to disavow any possibility that a person may change their sexual orientation, or even re-discover their true sexual orientation. Her perspective as an independent, objective scientist in this matter, may in fact be tainted by her experience with her former spouse."

Attribution: "limitgovt at 11:38 PM August 27, 2012"

Unfortunately, they don't supply URL's to the individual comments.

I located this article on Embry: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1332928/Gleeful-family-day-Jane-Lynch-stepdaughters.html

It's probably not the best article, but it was the handiest one covering most of the various people involved.

I don't watch TV, but I remember the case concerning Kimberly Ryan.

I would have expected that the newspaper would have required a disclosure about that.

This one was also interesting (a number of them are):

"Again, you seem to place great emphasis on the difference between sexual orientation and sexual behavior. Can I assume that you're OK with conversion therapy if the gay child is not truly oriented for homosexuality, but merely confused and in an experimental phase for sexual behavior? Furthermore, who can truly determine whether someone is gay by orientation? Can psychologists read the minds of people who claim they are gay? Can young teens even decipher their attraction for members of the same sex? It may be simple hero worship, deep friendship mistaken for love, or lack of a male role model. If young teens find both boys and girls equally attractive, does that mean conversion therapy is still prohibited?"

Attribution: "penguinista at 1:16 PM August 29, 2012"

I'm certain that it is okay to be pasting these here under "Fair Use."

Here's Lara Embry false propaganda without a disclosure about her taking another woman's child from her: "Conversion therapy": Therapy that isn't - Los Angeles Times

Now, consider Embry's statement about Reparative Therapy. Also read my recent post: New Jersey Assembly Fascist Dem, Eustace, Announces Legislation to Ban Conversion Therapy.

Also read this: "My Genes Made Me Do It! - Homosexuality and the scientific evidence," by Neil and Briar Whitehead.

Dr NE Whitehead, PhD (research scientist)

Author of the book My Genes Made Me Do It - a scientific look at sexual orientation (1999/USA; revised 2nd edition, 2010) and over 140 published scientific papers. The revised edition of My Genes Made Me Do It! takes account of research undertaken in the decade 2000 - 2010, which only serves to strengthen the book's original conclusions. The book takes a position based on an objective, orthodox and extremely comprehensive 20-year review of more than 10,000 scientific papers and publications on homosexuality. Neil Whitehead: PhD in biochemistry, 1971, New Zealand. Employed as a scientist with the NZ Govt (24 years), the United Nations (4 years), more recently a scientific research consultant. Neil Whitehead has lived and worked in New Zealand, India, the United States, France, Japan and Afghanistan.

Briar Whitehead, B.A; Dip J (Journalist, writer & speaker)

Editor of My Genes Made Me Do It! and author of Craving for Love (UK, 2003)


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    • Well - "conversion therapy" might be crap - however - has anyone ever considered this? - If we agree that people are born this way - and given that all males and females share the same hormones of testosterone and estrogen - could it be possible that those who identify with the same sex could potentially have a congenital defect where they have a hormonal imbalance that could in fact be treated medically with HRT rather than ignore it and allow them to have an abnormal attraction to the same sex?  Just saying. :)

      • Conversion therapy does work.

        Now that California has sent legislation to their governor's desk for his signature, veto, or just allowing it to become law without his signature and now that New Jersey legislators are talking openly about doing the same thing there, we will see much more information come through the mainstream media about, and from, those who have successfully converted, including about their therapists and counselors (not everyone who changes does so with such assistance) and the various treatments and methods employed.

        There will be many more articles, books, videos, websites, documentaries, and the like.

        The scientific and medical research I've seen and/or heard of, says that in-vitro hormones do not explain homosexuality except possibly concerning a very low percentage of cases.

        What I have seen are those who've said that if it were to turn out to be genetic, then we could work on correcting the genetic disorder. That was before the various identical-twin studies demonstrated that environmental causes (e.g., nurturing, things impacting hormonal balances) at the very least, are much more causal. Therefore, I feel confident in saying that it is highly likely the idea has occurred to others to correct any congenital hormonal errors.

        An interesting case I saw recently concerns a man who changed his mind about his transsexualism. He had undergone the surgery and was taking female hormones but remained sexually interested exclusively in women. What is also interesting is that homosexual males in general have higher levels of testosterone than the general heterosexual male population. I think that points to being oversexed for a great number of them. I've seen that used as an argument for their genetic selection: that they will have sex more with whatever is available. Obviously, the suggestion is that bi-sexuality is also genetic and that bi-sexuals and others carry a compliment of recessive genes that if their argument were to carry water, would mean that there are recessive-gene make-ups allowing for exclusive homosexuality.

        From "My Genes Made Me Do It! - Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence," by Neil and Briar Whitehead":

        "• There have been many studies, none of which has shown any convincing relationship between homosexuality and exposure to pre-natal hormones, although several have shown very weak links between pre-natal hormone exposure and infant play. Studies examining effects of very high doses of female hormones to pregnant mothers show no effect on males and a dubious effect on women. Therapy changing levels of adult male and female sex hormones has been shown to affect sex drive but not orientation."

        Here's a PDF of the Introduction: http://mygenes.co.nz/PDFs/Introduction.pdf

      • Also from "My Genes Made Me Do It! - Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence," by Neil and Briar Whitehead":

        "Geneticists, anthropologists, developmental psychologists, sociologists, endocrinologists, neuroscientists, medical researchers into gender, and twin study researchers are in broad agreement about the role of genetics in homosexuality. Genes don't make you do it. There is no genetic determinism, and genetic influence at most is minor. Individualistic reactions to random factors are very important."

    • Thanks for the detailed response.  Could you explain how conversion therapy works if they are predisposed to being homosexual at birth?  If their natural state is to attracted to the same sex - how can therapy make them think otherwise? Wouldn't that in effect be considered brainwashing?

      • If they are predisposed at birth (which hasn't yet been definitely determined happens), then the question would be one of cause but also morality and health. The homosexual activists would be inclined to completely dismiss morality as an issue.

        Regardless, we'd still face the question of whether it is congenital or hereditary and on a case-by-case basis.

        The question arises as to whether or not in the case of male homosexuals for instance, anal intercourse between and among  them is prima fascia evidence of fundamental mental disease (ill-health). If it is, then treating it via reconditioning would be, and is, no different than treating any other behavior via reconditioning (or other means).

        Do we call all such reconditioning "brainwashing," per se, with all of its negative connotations? We do not. When anyone quits a bad habit, has he or she undergone brainwashing whether self-induced or otherwise? I wouldn't characterize it that way.

        Brainwashing usually suggests fooling the target without that person's awareness and for unethical reasons. Helping males to stop sodomizing, etc.,  each other doesn't appear to me to be unethical, and I don't see any therapists or counselors fooling anyone into changing his or her current direction/orientation. The ones I know are very direct about the whole thing and willing to discuss with potential and existing clients all of the supposed therapeutic negatives raised by the homosexualists.

    • Thanks for the detailed explanation.  I do know that the APA DSM-IV had homosexuality as a sexual deviation and mental illness until the activists lobbied to have it removed.

      • Actually, homosexuality was removed as a categorical disorder for the DSM-II (1974).

        Currently and mistakenly, homosexuality is officially accepted by both the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association as healthy.

        Again though, how can sodomy be deemed healthy? Both of those organizations are in denial. Their own official positions are themselves signs of mental disorder. I do not find either even scientific (if secular science is their stated basis).

        Neither has come out against CA SB 1172 even though each knows that children who are homosexually abused often develop same-sex attraction where none existed before the abuse. Think about that when deciding whether or not to appeal to the so-called authority of either APA.