Barbaric, fascistic: "Gay therapy ban ready for enacting" - Washington Times

My comment:

"...explanations, such as parental upbringing or childhood abuse, have also proved inconclusive." I have seen nothing to support that statement, quite the contrary. People who leave Reparative Therapy (RT), performed by the likes of Joseph Nicolosi and others, do so with significant reduction in SSA (same-sex attraction) based exactly upon learning about parental upbringing and often childhood abuse. The doctor reports that about 1/3 of his clients have reported substantial positive results, and that's what studies on both sides of this issue are based upon: self-reporting for the most part.

I personally know people who were subjected to sexual and homosexual sexual abuse who have overcome SSA with the aid of RT and/or religious help.

This legislation is a direct assault on the First Amendment of the US Constitution and will not withstand legal scrutiny if the justices are clear thinkers. People have a right to freely exercise their religion within reason, and there is no evidence whatsoever that RT is the cause of client discomfort over and above that felt in a whole host of psychological/psychiatric treatments.

How many children die each year as a direct result of prescribed psychiatric drugs? Yet, where are the homosexualists clamoring to ban those drugs. Where are they on all the people who commit suicide in the US military or who are undergoing or have undergone treatment for other psychological conditions?

If this ban goes through, then there is a very, very long list of treatments that will also need to be banned or this whole thing is nothing but a political ploy, which I say it is.

I have said many times before now and will say it again and again. It would be unconscionable to leave abused children (some who were homosexually raped) with unwanted SSA (that wasn't there before) hanging without professional help to diminish and/or remove that attraction. It would be barbaric, and this legislation is fascistic.

Gay therapy ban ready for enacting - Washington Times.

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