Homosexual Habits are Controled by Neural-Pathways: Atrophy no longer Used

The linked article is about overeating. The author(s) may not even wish to agree with me about homosexuality. It doesn't matter. Facts are facts, and anyone practicing homosexual behavior is deepening the neural pathways of it — increasing the difficulty of breaking the habit.

Stopping the practice will work, but it doesn't mean that "cravings" will necessarily disappear instantly. That would require huge, dramatic, physical change in the brain matter in an instant.

I'm not going to say that's not possible. I believe it is. However, for those who don't believe that, the way is still not entirely blocked to overcoming homosexuality — the same exact way tobacco addictions are overcome, etc.

Don't let all of the homosexual psychologists in the world dupe you into falling for the utter nonsense that change is not possible. Change in homosexual behavior and feelings, thoughts, words, mannerisms, etc., is every bit as possible for someone going from 600 lbs. to whatever is ideal for the person's frame for optimal health in the mundane understanding of that term "health."

Don't let anyone confuse you into falling for the ridiculous notion that two men having sex up each others rectums is not a mental illness. It most certainly is regardless of whether or not all the degreed psychologist and psychiatrists on the planet say it is not. Truth is truth no matter what they say.

One day, homosexuality will be gone from the remnant of humanity. Hallelujah!

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