To my fellow professing Christians: Concerning homosexuality

I used to bite my nails. I used to do lots of things. I had plenty of habits that were not good (horrible – unspeakable to me now). I don't have any temptations to do them again. They're gone.

People quit smoking and get to the point where what was once seen as nearly impossible just doesn't even enter their minds anymore. The same goes for drinking, drug taking, violence, pornography, stealing, lying, cheating, killing, you name it.

Homosexuality is NOT a special case.

Stop practicing it and dwelling on it, overwrite the neural pathways with new patterns of feeling, thinking, speaking, and behaving, and it will go away just like anything else.

None of that is to say that we can't receive help with any of that.

I believe in God, but God makes it rain on everyone. People can break habits without being Christians. Now, that's a fact.

It's not to say that I believe that Jesus is not the way — the whole way to the whole. I do. Breaking fleshly habits will only go so far.

We have to be honest. There's a difference between, say, quitting smoking and getting into Heaven, if you know what I mean.

Quitting homosex is a good thing but possible without Jesus (in the common usage). It is not a ticket to Heaven by itself.

Yes, there is a place where we, those of us who are professing Christians, know that nobody does anything without God underpinning, so to speak, the whole of existence; but we can't turn around and say to others who don't grasp that in our view that they cannot change without first "accepting" Jesus. That would be wrong because we need the door open to changing from homosex first too. We should be able to speak in both contexts: theirs and ours.

Homosexual Habits are Controled by Neural-Pathways: Atrophy no longer Used

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