Regnerus, Romney, and the Democratic Platform

If I'm stuck with coercive democratic-capitalism (the mixed American system), then I'm definitely post-post-Keynesian (yes, that's two "posts") and a social conservative.

Combine the following two and with a few tweaks, especially eliminating any vestiges of neoliberal economics, you're there (almost):

However, I don't think I'm stuck with coercive democratic-capitalism if people will simply wake up to do what's consistently right. There are some tough calls, so to speak; but hundreds of millions of people aren't even making the easy ones consistently right.

None of that is to say that I believe those two linked pieces contain no spin (by omission for instance). I believe each does. I believe they are at least somewhat intended to. I also believe such spinning is the problem blocking us from real progress.

What was the "almost" above for? I'm anti-war. One usually doesn't find that with social conservatives, whether democratic or non-coercive.  There are exceptions, but they're usually hyper-capitalists.

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