"Catholic bishops: Gay marriage threatens religious liberty"

This falls on deaf ears and hard hearts. It's some kind of hate that hates such truth.

"Catholic bishops: Gay marriage threatens religious liberty""Marriage is founded on sexual difference and ordered toward the fulfillment of husband and wife and the procreation and rearing of children," they wrote.  "This basic understanding of marriage and family is 'built in' to the very nature of man and woman."

The bishops went on to argue:

"By separating marriage from procreation and the responsibility of men and women to raise children that result from their sexual union, the new marriage law would abandon the state's principal interest in this time-honored institution," they wrote.

"If the state successfully disconnects marriage from the potential inherent to sexual union between a man and a woman, the civil meaning of marriage will be lost, and the institution that results will be a genderless contract without reference to children.

"The foundational nature of marriage for the good and the strength of human society will be harmed beyond repair."

via Catholic bishops: Gay marriage threatens religious liberty | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News - seattlepi.com.

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