Janet Mefferd Dismantles Alan Chambers on Homosexuality

If they thought that was testy, I don't think they would have wanted to hang around Jesus. Janet Mefferd is what people call nice. Jesus called them vipers. John the Baptist shouted, "Repent, repent!"

A conservative Christian radio host didn't hold back her criticism when interviewing Exodus International President Alan Chambers on Wednesday over his views on homosexuality, repentance and salvation.

Throughout the half-hour broadcast on "The Janet Mefferd Show," host Mefferd and Chambers engaged in a debate that at times got testy.

via Christian Radio Host's Interview With Alan Chambers on Homosexuality Gets Heated.

Here's the link to the radio-show segment: http://www.janetmefferdpremium.com/2012/09/05/janet-mefferd-radio-show-20120905-hr-2/

In response to the "Gay Christian Network," Janet said, "We don't have a Greedy Christian Network, do we?" Right on!

Alan though says we are hypocritical that we don't, as Christians, go after the greedy. Listen Alan, search this website for how many times I've said, "greed, violence, and sexual depravity," just like that. You should find the real Church, Alan. The ones that don't see greed as the worse thing aren't teaching correctly. They don't know Jesus.

Alan, an unrepentant homosexual is not, I repeat, is not going to get into the Kingdom of God.

Jesus does say that he will heal you, Alan. Saying otherwise is plainly wrong. Saying that the Bible doesn't say that God will change your orientation is not true if you believe Jesus when he said all things are possible with God.

Why hasn't your orientation changed? Study what Jesus had to say about faith, and you'll have the answer. It's right there if you will knock, seek, and ask, as you mentioned in the interview. If you can't find it, contact me. I'll explain it to you, Alan.

Janet Mefferd didn't understand Alan explaining that the clip from the video took his 99.9% out of context. That one point by Alan though is not operative. Also, in her defense, Alan was/is extremely vague and mushy, which I believe is a tactic.

I don't think she pinned him down enough on his antinomianism. I remember writing elsewhere that he has that streak in him. I'm glad to hear so many others have taken it up. He sounds like he only has one foot into it now, but that's one foot too many.

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