Bill Clinton: The Great Deregulator duping the masses again for Obama

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama progressive? They'll just placate you by letting you murder your babies and turn around to sodomize your buddies and be sodomized by them. They are the blind leading the blind into the ditch. Vote for that? Never. It's about time you wake up.

Obama is not offering you freedom but enslavement on all fronts. It's all coercion. In the final analysis, it's greed, violence, and sexual depravity. Do you think he's working for you? If he is, you're the dark side. Repent before it's too late.

Bill Clinton bears as much responsibility as any politician for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the wild applause for his disingenuous speech at the Democratic National Convention last week is a sure sign of the poverty of what passes for progressive politics. Do those convention delegates, and the fawning media that were wowed by the former president's rhetorical seductions, not recall that just before he left office Clinton signed off on the game-changing legislation that ended the sensible rules imposed on Wall Street during the Great Depression? It was Clinton who cooperated with the Republicans in reversing the legacy of FDR's New Deal, opening the floodgates of unfettered avarice that almost drowned the world's economy during the reign of George W. Bush.


When Barack Obama appointed Geithner as treasury secretary, the new president committed to the Bush strategy of saving the bankers rather than those in the middle class who had much of their life savings tied up in the vanished equity in their homes.

via Robert Scheer: The Great Deregulator - Robert Scheer's Columns - Truthdig.

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