Son of a Lesbian Mother Backs Regnerus Study - The Chronicle of Higher Education

I just responded to Scott Rose as follows:

"Based on his own alleged experiences, he says above that he feels "ambivalent" about "placing" other children in "such a situation." What in the world is he talking about? Ending all gay parent adoptions? Is that what Lopez means when he talks about his "ambivalence" in placing other children in such situations? How would anybody else get "placed" into Lopez's type of situation? He apparently is the product of a heterosexual father and his mother. Is Lopez saying that in order to avoid "placing" other children in such situations, men should not be allowed to impregnate women? That is apparently how Lopez got into his situation. His male father apparently impregnated his female mother." [quoted Scott Rose]

Were legislators and the courts the matchmaker? They were not. You, it is abundantly clear, twist the concepts and are thrown off logic and mislead weak-minded others.

Were all of the "studies" you support based upon exclusively homosexual parents? If so, were the sample sizes truly adequate for coming to the definitive conclusion that all other things being equal, homosexual parenting is as good (or even superior to, which has been alleged by some) to heterosexual parenting? They were not, as Mark Regnerus' main article also plainly states.
Also, the various criticisms (the valid ones, obviously not every single one of yours) were anticipated by Mark Regnerus in his paper. He called for, and still calls for, more and better studies. You (if you're the same "Scott Rose") tried to get him censored and fired and rightly failed.

Son of a Lesbian Mother Backs Regnerus Study - Letters to the Editor - The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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