My reply to "Shamanistic Economics - New Economic Perspectives"

We need the NEED Act, United States Notes (usury-free), and Public Banking (banking as a public utility). The Monetary Authority should be an open-source algorithm that by law must balance money supply to real economic productivity, not finance capitalism. The National Debt of the US should be paid off with the new money: United States Notes. Governmental debt at every level should be illegal. It is completely unnecessary and counter-productive. Full employment (public and/or private; public if private can't or won't) should be realized, per the NEED Act (enhanced).

Now, can you instruct the people to elect only those who will fix the economy rather than continue the Ponzi scheme?

Ben Bernanke is stuck within a range of movement that doesn't include any of the above. Within his box, he's actually doing a good job -- better than I expected.

QE3 is not going to be as QE1 and QE2. Focusing on real estate, not messing around with Treasuries, and having it be open-ended was smart, given his options.

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