House Rules and the Question of Homosexuality

It is a real shame that people don't understand how to behave in other people's houses. The house rules are laid out for them. They are clearly asked to answer very reasonable questions or stop asking their own questions. However, they don't care about such fair rules. They just ask their questions without answering yours. Such people are trouble and, quite frankly, up to no good but evil. There is a reason they don't want to answer. That is that they don't want to be further pinned down and made to look the illogical fool. Avoiding the questions, ducking and dodging, and changing and narrowing the subject to less than the full context is their pathetic and failed method.

I quickly tire of such people and call them out on it and cut them off if they don't see the evil of their ways and turn and repent of it. If they are offended by that or surprised, let them consider their own failings and turn and repent later. Meanwhile, I will not leave the door open to them to defile the house. If they truly turn and repent, there are ways of letting this house know.

As for people permanently turning from homosexuality, anyone on the Internet who knows how to use search engines can easily find such people. It's not difficult at all. As for what homosexuality is, among other things, it is a habit of mind. The evidence for change is there. I've documented it on this site. Again, the evidence is readily available via simple searches.

Furthermore, mental conditioning and reconditioning are not some unknown things. They are well understood and certainly applicable to homosexuality. It is all a matter of degree for the particular individual and how ingrained the habit and how amenable to change. If the person doesn't want to change but resists, whose fault is that?

Also, that God has both created and can uncreate and recreate existence is a question of theology, not secular, human testing. When the subject is theology, as it has been concerning Alan Chambers, to than have atheists chime in outside the theological framework is simply moronic on their part.

We had this latest commentator, who not surprisingly failed the simple rules, narrow in on amputees and prayer and where the evidence is that through prayer, amputated limbs have grown back. Setting aside that the context shifted around while the commentator avoided answering my questions, it is quite obvious that the commentator has refused to assign any power to praying. However, neuroscientists have clearly identified the mind-over-matter fact concerning prayer. The religious will say spirit rather than just the human mind.

Now, quitting bad habits is not on the same plane as regenerating a limb via thought or will. However, the context remains theological for the purposes of my critique of Alan Chambers above and even while I am certain that "scientifically," there is a place where via faith, limbs will regrow. That faith and the consequences are dependent upon variables, one of which is merit and another of which is collectivity. Explaining in great deal concerning those aspects is beyond the scope of this comment. I have other things to do today. I will say that the theology explaining all of these things, in conjunction with the direct tie-ins with human, non-divine science, is fully explain on this site. Anyone worth his or her salt can spend the time and find it here. This site has search features and is fully indexed by Google and Bing, etc.

Smoking, drinking, stealing, lying, etc., can be deeply ingrained habits yet can be broken. The longer the time since acting out the habit, the longer the time since dwelling on the habit, the longer the time that one behaves in opposite ways, the more and more the old habit will fade away and be replaced by the new pattern of behaving, feeling, thinking, speaking. To doubt that is an indication of profound ignorance at best. Homosexual behavior and desire is not some special case comparable to regenerating limbs via faith, far from it.

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