NEW RESEARCH - GMO Corn & Roundup Cause Cancer - Sept 2012

It's way passed the time when we should have gotten rid of all this Monsanto toxic, GMO "food." The people who lead Monsanto are clearly insane. There's no other way of phrasing it while doing justice to just how bad what they've been doing is.

Now, make sure that if you live in California and vote that you vote to label GMO's in food. That means voting Yes on Proposition 37.

Look, Monsanto is pulling out all the stops to claim that the French studies rat-population size was too small to be definitive. Let me tell you that if they made the rat population size 100 times larger, all they'd get is around 100 times the number of cancer tumors amongst the GMO, Roundup Ready fed rats. In addition, this study is hardly the only one that shows problems.

Plus, thousands and thousands of farmers in India have killed themselves because Monsanto farming methods destroyed their farming businesses. Also, their GMO crops are cross-pollinating with organic crops and ruining the DNA of the otherwise organic seed. Who's going to make US organic farmers whole again, Monsanto?

Do you know the history of Monsanto? It's a nightmare:

NEW RESEARCH - GMO Corn & Roundup Cause Cancer - Sept 2012 - YouTube.

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