Reuters lies again in article: "U.S. stops 20 Iran officials attending U.N. assembly"

The following by Reuters is a flat-out lie, and Reuters knows it:

...the United States has a policy of issuing visas for members of delegations, in line with a 1947 pact with the United Nations, regardless of disputes with individual countries.However, it does sometimes refuse entry to government officials and professionals from Iran with which it has had no diplomatic ties since 1979 and which it accuses of seeking nuclear weapons....

via U.S. stops 20 Iran officials attending U.N. assembly | Reuters.

The United States does not accuse Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, lying Zionists in the US and Israel and elsewhere do.

The United States government, the Obama administration, has made it completely clear that the United States only alleges that Iran might be seeking nuclear weapons, which quite clearly also means that Iran might not be. In which case, the US has zero business or right to be placing sanctions on Iran, regardless of whether or not Ahmadinejad buys into that 6 million Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazis, a number even Raul Hilberg, a Jew and the supposed preeminent holocaust historian of all time, disputed, saying his best estimate was 5.3 million. You see, there's room for open debate, you fascists.

Endlessly bringing up so called holocaust denial every time you bring up the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons and/or sanctions is a stupid psychological ploy to further dupe the masses of ignoramuses who don't even have the gumption to check into the facts raised by those who believe even Raul Hilberg's number is a gross exaggeration at best, which it is.

I hate liars! Reuters, you are pathetic on this issue. Did you have a Zionist staff member write it and then have a Zionist editor there sign off on it without giving a damn about the facts, the truth? It sure smells that way, as usual.

Look Reuters, get your act together. Your writers are using canned lines from previous Reuters articles which lines need to be red lined in your system with a clear explanation that the US does not accuse Iran and doesn't even have a shred of evidence against Iran. Got it? Do it. Stupid!

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