It's Time to End the Sanctions Against Iran

Look, President Ahmadinejad is absolutely right. He is right to denounce nations and groups of nations that without any proof whatsoever, talk about attacking another nation. He didn't mention the sanctions regime headed up and pushed by the Obama administration, but I say that those sanctions are completely evil in means and ends. It is completely disgusting that the American people sit around cowed by a bunch of abject liars who claim Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

The American people should demand that Barack Obama put up or shut up. If he can't show the hard evidence verifiable by independent sources, then he should stand down from his wicked policy and practice of punishing Iran for doing nothing illegal at all!

President Obama, you are one weak President. You have shown no courage to tell the Zionists that the US will have nothing further to do with their idiotic lies or plans concerning Iran. What you are doing and advocating is monstrous. Millions of Iranians who've done nothing against the US are being hurt by your cowardly actions.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar, and you know it; and we know you know it. Then President Sarkozy of France told you in no uncertain terms, and you confirmed your displeasure at having to deal with that Likudnik maniac.

Stop pussy footing around about the Zionists who are hellbent on mass genocide. Not all of them are, but plenty of them are; and they aren't being properly shut down by the US and Europe, etc. What do you want, to play around while they rev up WWIII? Come on man. Get your head straight, and tell them what's what.

This is not Israel. This is the United States of America. We are not supposed to be the tool of Zionism. Zionism is anathema to the American way.

Is the US a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant state? If my ancestors had wanted it to be it would have been, and you wouldn't be President. However, the Zionists want the lands they've taken over to be a Jewish state. Where does that leave the Palestinian Arab Muslims living inside the borders of what you call Israel? It leaves them with the option of moving out or forever being second-class citizens so long as that Jewish state exists. They don't want to give up their homeland. Can you blame them? Meanwhile, you do nothing for them to help them. Shame!

The Jews in the US do just fine. The Zionist excuse that they had nowhere, or have nowhere, to go is garbage!

It's time to end the sanctions against Iran.

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