CA Conversion-Therapy Ban: David Pickup Interview, CNN with Brooke Baldwin

The following is part of my message to a person I'm pleased to know, David Pickup:

Bravo! Good for you that you worked in the term "rape" too. That you said that authentic RT [Reparative Therapy] saved your life was really powerful!

In terms of when you said she misquoted, I believe you were referring to that she said causes harm when the association said "may" cause, or words to that effect.

To the children who are going to stand up to these one-sided others, they are my heroes! It brings tears to my eyes. You can tell them that too from me. I'm not ashamed. They will be saving other children. There's no doubt about it, and they need to know that we adults know it and admire their courage and convictions so that the real truth will come out.

This is great! This is going to spread the truth far and wide about this as never before in our lifetimes. Children in grade schools, middle schools, and high schools will hear that what they've been taught in their schools (especially public) is a lie. They'll be able to stand up and have a solid foundation, and their parents will be able to back them up.

Bless you, brother! This is how it turns.

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