CNN, Local News Misreports Homosexuality Conversion Therapy

I just left the following comment over on the linked article:

Do you think maybe, just maybe, you could have interviewed one person who has changed from homosexuality to heterosexuality. There are thousands and thousands of them. I know dozens myself. Ask them if their lives have been saved while you're at it.

The idea that people can't change is the lie! You people are going to be so embarrassed.

The brain matter is plastic, meaning changeable in both form and function. This is a well-known fact amongst neuroscientists and has been for decades.

The information has been censored in the mainstream. Do you understand? You've been severely duped.

Here, this will finally help to educate you:

Now, do you think you can spread the truth rather than the garbage that Governor Jerry Brown has been fed and swallowed?

Many children in California are homosexually abused and then, and not before, suffer from same-sex attraction. This will come out as parents, other adults, and children find the courage to brave the type of unbalanced reporting represented by your article above.

What is your position concerning those abused children, that they be left on their own to suffer until they turn 18 and can get the help they need and want but that had been denied them by the state? If so, shame on you. You have no working conscience and are rather thoroughly brainwashed by homosexual false propagandists.

California Governor Signs Gay Conversion Therapy Ban | — Ft. Smith, Fayetteville, Bentonville News & Weather from KFSM and KXNW Television.

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