Michael Brown: "Moral Outrage Becomes the Law in California"

Michael Brown: "Moral Outrage Becomes the Law in California"I hope Michael Brown gets a little tougher. He's been helpful, of course; but I think he's too soft about it.

Michael, I hope you see my words "abuse; rape; gang rape" in my earlier comment and start using them in context.

You've been more focused on the parents (rights) than the children, but a few people with poor parenting skills are as a straw man for the homosexualists who will choose to ignore all of the great parents who help their children in very intelligent and loving ways to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

The primary issue is that children who want and need help with their unwanted same-sex attraction (caused not by their genes but their environments), children who will otherwise be left needlessly suffering, depressed, suicidal, etc., for years, perhaps more than a decade before they can obtain help legally, will be blocked by the utterly asinine, unconstitutional, unconscionable California law if it is allowed to stand.

Moral Outrage Becomes the Law in California.

Another comment there, this one a reply:

"Reparative therapy does not work, so says every science-based medical association."

Tell the truth. Name the associations and supply the exact quotes. They don't say it. They say there is no evidence that it works. All of the major associations leave room for that it may work.

What's missing are the studies conducted by those associations, and guess who's blocked undertaking those? I'll supply the answer: the homosexualists within those organizations who have co-opted them (and over a period of decades, brainwashed much of the membership) turning them into false-propaganda outlets masquerading as scientific entities.

They also haven't said that authentic Reparative Therapy does, or has, caused harm but rather may risk such. What's missing there is the same thing missing above: science. Where's the proof of cause and effect?

Is this new standard going to be applied to every therapy? If it is, there are going to be many therapies disappearing the homosexualists both apply and undergo. It's called hypocrisy.

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