Aversion Treatments Are Not Authentic Reparative Therapy

How do we address the following?

There is no evidence supporting the efficacy of conversion therapy, one that is promulgated mostly by religious groups and involves not only prayer and support groups but also aversion treatments. These include the application of electric shocks to hands and/or genitals and nausea inducing drugs that are administered at the same time as erotic stimuli.

via Bill 1172 banning gay conversion therapy signed in CA, debate not over.

You will note that as of the time of this post, the Disqus commenting system on the linked site is still down. It may be down concerning their new version. Perhaps it is simply a server or server network that's down. I have not switched my sites to that new version because it is still too buggy in my view. My commenting sections are all up and running.

My thought is that these "aversion treatments" are not part of what David Pickup has gotten me rightly calling "authentic."

Also, the law (California SB 1172) is too sweeping because it stops David and others, who do not use coercive or punishing methods. I'm not saying that negative reinforcement is always wrong either. I think it's a matter of type, degree, and also what the client wants.

You see that they are painting all Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) with one brush loaded with the worst old paint they can get.

Time for some truth:

Finally, in light of current research and professional ethics, some interventions for unwanted same-sex attractions and behavior are not recommended. These include shock therapy and other aversive techniques, so-called reparenting therapies, and coercive forms of religious prayer.

NARTH Practice Guidelines (Full Text) for the Treatment of Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions and Behavior

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